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Watch and Download Korean, Chinese, Thai, Hollywood and Anime Dramas with kisskh APK

How to Download APK Kisskh: The Ultimate Guide for Drama Lovers

If you are a fan of Korean, Chinese, Thai, Hollywood, or anime shows, you might have heard of APK Kisskh. This is a popular app that allows you to watch thousands of dramas and movies on your Android device for free. But how do you download and use this app? In this article, we will show you everything you need to know about APK Kisskh, from its features and benefits to its installation and usage. Read on and discover how to enjoy your favorite shows with this amazing app.

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What is APK Kisskh?

APK Kisskh is an app that provides access to various drama, movie, Hollywood, and anime shows from different countries and genres. You can watch them online or download them for offline viewing. The app supports multi subtitles such as English, Khmer, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, and so on. You can also adjust the video quality according to your preference and internet speed. The app is updated regularly with new content and features to keep you entertained.

Features of APK Kisskh

Some of the features that make APK Kisskh stand out from other similar apps are:

  • It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and use.

  • It has a large collection of shows from various categories such as romance, comedy, action, thriller, horror, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.

  • It has a search function that allows you to find your desired show by keyword or title.

  • It has a download function that lets you save your favorite shows on your device for offline viewing.

  • It has a notification function that alerts you when new episodes or shows are added.

  • It has a feedback function that allows you to rate and comment on the shows you watch.

Benefits of APK Kisskh

Some of the benefits that you can get from using APK Kisskh are:

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  • You can watch your favorite shows anytime and anywhere without any restrictions or fees.

  • You can choose from a variety of subtitle languages to suit your needs and preferences.

  • You can enjoy high-quality videos that are smooth and clear.

  • You can discover new shows that match your taste and interest.

  • You can interact with other users who share your passion for drama and movies.

How to Download and Install APK Kisskh on Your Device

If you are interested in trying out APK Kisskh, you need to download and install it on your Android device first. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Enable Unknown Sources

Since APK Kisskh is not available on the Google Play Store, you need to enable unknown sources on your device settings. This will allow you to install apps from sources other than the official store. To do this, go to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and toggle it on.

Step 2: Download the APK File

Next, you need to download the APK file of APK Kisskh from a reliable source. You can use this link to get the latest version of the app. Make sure you have enough storage space on your device before downloading the file.

Step 3: Install the APK File

Once you have downloaded the file, locate it in your file manager and tap on it. You will see a pop-up window asking you to confirm the installation. Tap on Install and wait for the process to finish.

Step 4: Launch the App and Enjoy

Finally, you can launch the app from your app drawer or home screen and start watching your favorite shows. You will see a list of categories on the main screen, such as Korean, Chinese, Thai, Hollywood, and Anime. You can also access the menu by tapping on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner. Here you can find the settings, downloads, notifications, feedback, and more options.

How to Use APK Kisskh to Watch Your Favorite Shows

Now that you have installed APK Kisskh on your device, you might be wondering how to use it to watch your favorite shows. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of this app:

Browse by Category

If you want to explore the different shows available on APK Kisskh, you can browse by category. Simply tap on the category you are interested in and you will see a list of shows that belong to that category. You can also sort the list by popularity, rating, or update date. To watch a show, just tap on its poster and you will see its details, such as synopsis, cast, genre, episodes, and more. Tap on the play button to start watching.

Search by Keyword

If you already have a specific show in mind that you want to watch, you can use the search function to find it quickly. Just tap on the magnifying glass icon on the top right corner and enter the keyword or title of the show. You will see a list of results that match your query. Tap on the one you want and follow the same steps as above to watch it.

Select Subtitle Language

One of the best features of APK Kisskh is that it supports multiple subtitle languages for different shows. You can choose from English, Khmer, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, and more. To select your preferred subtitle language, tap on the CC icon on the bottom right corner of the video player and choose from the available options. You can also adjust the size and color of the subtitles if you want.

Adjust Video Quality

Another feature that APK Kisskh offers is that it allows you to adjust the video quality according to your internet speed and preference. You can choose from low, medium, high, or auto quality. To change the video quality, tap on the HD icon on the bottom right corner of the video player and select from the available options. The auto quality will automatically adjust the video quality based on your internet connection.


APK Kisskh is a great app for drama and movie lovers who want to watch their favorite shows on their Android devices for free. It has a lot of features and benefits that make it stand out from other similar apps. It is easy to download and install, and it is user-friendly and convenient to use. If you are looking for a way to enjoy your favorite shows anytime and anywhere, APK Kisskh is the app for you.


Here are some frequently asked questions about APK Kisskh:

  • Is APK Kisskh safe to use?

  • Yes, APK Kisskh is safe to use as long as you download it from a trusted source like this link. It does not contain any viruses or malware that can harm your device or data.

  • Is APK Kisskh legal to use?

  • APK Kisskh does not host any content on its own servers. It only provides links to third-party sources that host the content. Therefore, it is not responsible for any copyright infringement or legal issues that may arise from using the app. However, it is advisable to check the laws and regulations of your country before using the app.

  • Does APK Kisskh require any registration or subscription?

  • No, APK Kisskh does not require any registration or subscription to use. You can watch all the shows for free without any limitations or ads.

  • Can I request a show that is not available on APK Kisskh?

  • Yes, you can request a show that is not available on APK Kisskh by using the feedback function. You can find it on the menu and tap on the Feedback option. You can then write your request and send it to the developers. They will try their best to add your requested show as soon as possible.

  • Can I share a show that I like with my friends?

  • Yes, you can share a show that you like with your friends by using the share function. You can find it on the details page of the show and tap on the Share option. You can then choose from various social media platforms or apps to share the link of the show with your friends.


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