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K-ON!! Season 2

K-on! (Keion! "けいおん!") is the anime adaption of Kakifly's manga of the same name, which was produced by Kyoto Animation and aired in Japan between 2009 and 2010 in two seasons. The anime became a world-wide success and allowed the franchise to gain much more depth by highlighting facts that the manga did or could not do.

K-ON!! Season 2

The second season K-On!!, first announced during the Let's Go live concert in Yokohama on the 30th of December 2009[4], was directed by the same staff as the first season and aired in Japan between the 7th of April and the 28th of September 2010, again mainly on TBS. It was released on nine DVD/BD volumes in total, published between the 30th of July 2010 and the 16th of March 2011. The last volume contained again an additional extra episode (OVA). Like the first season, every volume also contained short extra episodes called Ura-On!!. The Japanese anime licensing company Sentai Filmworks licensed the second season and released it on DVD and Blu-ray in two boxsets, published on the 19th of June and the 28th of August 2012.

At least three English dubs of the series exist. The first was produced by Animax Asia for both seasons, and aired exclusively in Asian countries. To date, only two voice actors from the Animax dub have been positively identified, these being Lily Truncale (Yui) and Muriel Hoffman (Ritsu and Nodoka). The second English dub was produced by Bang! Zoom! Entertainment for the first season with voices provided by veterans of the industry such as Stephanie Sheh, Cristina Valenzuela, and Laura Bailey. The third English dub by Sentai Filmworks was produced for the second season and is often considered as the same dub as the Bang! Zoom! dub due to having the exact same voice cast.

Like (usually) every other anime, each K-ON! episode has an intro and an outro song, called "opening theme" and "ending theme". The first season's opening theme, "Cagayake! GIRLS", was sung by the seiyū of the main cast, Aki Toyosaki, Yōko Hikasa, Satomi Satō and Minako Kotobuki. The season's ending theme is called "Don't Say 'Lazy'" and was sung by the same cast. Both theme singles were released on the 22th of April 2009. The insert song "Fuwa Fuwa Time", which also became the Light Music Club's/Ho-Kago Tea Time's trademark, was released on the 20th of May 2009. Other songs, played at the shown concerts, were gathered together on the album "Ho-Kago Tea Time", which was published on the 22th of July 2009. The single "Maddy Candy", played by Sawako's band Death Devil, was published on the 12th of August 2009.

Unlike the first season, the second had two opening and two ending themes which were always sung by the main cast, this time including Azusa's seiyū Ayana Taketatsu too. The first 13 episodes used "GO! GO! MANIAC" as the opening and "Listen!!" as the ending theme. From episode 14 onwards, "Utauyo!! MIRACLE" served as the opening and "NO, Thank You!" as the ending theme. On the 28th of April 2010, the first opening and ending theme were published, while the second were both published on the fourth of April 2010.

The second season also published new image songs for the character, this time including Jun's seiyū Yoriko Nagata too. The publishment started with Yui's and Mio's songs on the 21th of September 2010. The second set, including Ritsu's, Tsumugi's and Azusa's songs was released on the 17th of November 2010. The last set, containing Jun's, Ui's and Nodoka's versions, was released on the 19th of January 2011.

The anime also had an "Original Soundtrack", who served mostly as background music. The soundtrack of the first season was released on the third of June 2009. The second season mostly used the first soundtrack again, and mixed it with entirely new songs. The second season's soundtrack was released on two CD's, published on the 21th of July and the sixth of October 2010, respectively.

Question of the day: Another season is over and we are close to the end. Tomorrow the OVA , on wednesday we will watch the movie and the day after we will have our last thread. For now, any favorite moment, funniest moment, hated moment to share?

Opening songsOP 1-Go!Go! Maniac (Aki toyosaki)OP 2-Utauyo!! Miracle (Aki toyosaki)Genres: Comedy, slice of life, bishoujo, moe, music, school lifeEpisodes:26Holiday time biatches! Anyway, to celebrate the start of my 2 week long holiday, heres an anime review. And its a damn well known one to boot. K-on was a great anime that received good reception everywhere, as well as earning itself a huge amount of fans. What better way to extend all of these, of course, to make a season 2, which is what they did. Well, chances are, if you liked season 1, season 2 will certainly please you without a doubt. With almost double the lenght, season 2 is ready to satisfy k-on fans of any type. K-on season 2 proves that even after doing nothing in season 1, they still rock at doing it, since season 2 is great in almost any aspect that season 1 was.K-on, being kind of a music based anime, has obviously good music in it. The openings are rather good I guess, go go maniac as opening 1 and utauyo miracle as opening 2. Go go maniac is abit too fast paced for me and isnt really my type, but its still not a bad song. Utauyo miracle is much better, and is something that's nicer to listen to in my opinion. But both arent as good as cageyake girls. Also, the ending themes, sung by yoko hikasa, are more awesome in almost every way. Listen as ending 1, is great. But No, thank you as ending 2, is just amazing. No , thank you is probably my favourite song tied to the k-on series. While both aki toyosaki and yoko hikasa are good singers, I would say yoko hikasa comes out on top...then again this is all my opinion. Any decent anime watching person would know these 5 girls. Rating:8.5/10Nothing much to say here, everything from k-on season 1 is right here, but made even longer. Like before, k-on focuses on a bunch of high school girls that make up the k-on light music club that want to hit the big time. As usual, the show is made up of an entire female-cast, which is good stuff for most guys. These girls just basically go to the club everyday and mess around, usually doing nothing. The show is mostly about thier everyday life, throwing abit of comedy here and there.K-on season 2 features the exact same cast as the 1st season, with maybe a new character or two, but basically, the main characters are all the same. The 5 girls from season 1 are back, Yui, Mio, Ritsu, Tsumugi and Azusa, and they are ready to rock some ass. In season 2, the 4 initial members of the light music club, yui, mio, ritsu and mugi are in their final year, and they are going to cherish their final year in the school, spending the best time they can, since next year azusa will be left all alone. In this season, they are also joined by the other known characters in the show. Yui's childhood friend nodoka, her sister ui, azusa's classmate jun and the forever wacky sawa sensei (Who totally shows an AWESOME side of her in this season). This season takes the team of 5 to even bigger heights than before, showing the bonding between the 5 girls as they approach their final year in high school. Once again, great stuff, and of course, the funny stuff doesnt let up, the girls still do insane things that are pretty funny.Sad that this is probably the final season of this great series. K-on season 2 is just as great as season 1 was, maybe even better. Well no matter, with such huge fan demand, season 3 MAY be a possibility, but even if it doesnt air, we have the upcoming movie to look foward to. Cheers to k-on!Peace.

WHAT! disappointed !the quality sure is present, and the story is not crap like nogizaka for example, season 2 is the kind of slice of life in which i like. Its like a normal school life =) with a band and all, and not some what the crap that can never exist/happen kind of story in real life..

The Fall 2022 anime season saw the release of a musical adventure in the form of Bocchi The ROCK, an anime about an introverted high schooler who desperately wants to form a band. Her only problem is that she is highly introverted, and terrible at socializing, finding herself left out of most things throughout her life.

The yonkoma manga by Kakifly, serialized in Manga Time Kirara from 2007 to 2012, was turned into an anime by Kyoto Animation in the spring season of 2009. The show was directed by Naoko Yamada (making her directorial debut), with Reiko Yoshida serving as series composer, and Yukiko Horiguchi serving as character designer and chief animation director. The show proved to be a runaway success, with the opening and ending themes topping out at #1 and #2 in the Japanese music charts as well. The manga has been released in English by Yen Press. The second season, K-On!! (note the two exclamation points), aired in the spring of 2010 for 26 more episodes. A film was announced after the second season ended; it was released on December 3, 2011.

In 2010, Bandai Entertainment announced that they had licensed the first season in the US and Canada. In August of that year, they announced they would dub it with Bang Zoom! Entertainment. The first volume of the English dub was released on April 26, 2011. In early 2012, Sentai Filmworks licensed the second season, complete with the same dub cast. The first season is licensed to Manga Entertainment in the UK, and both seasons (as well as the movie) are distributed by Madman Entertainment in Australia and New Zealand. In 2012, Sentai Filmworks announced they acquired the movie and will also dub it. They did so, releasing it on May 21, 2013. They would later re-acquire the rights to Season 1 in 2014. The dub airs in Australia on ABC3 starting 19 June 2015.

  • U to Z Unlimited Wardrobe: When not in school uniforms, the girls pretty much never wear the same clothes twice. With only a single exception at the end of the second Beach Episode, where Azusa is wearing the same outfit when she met Ui at the beginning of the episode, only with a tan.

  • Unmoving Plaid: In the manga, both Mio's and Yui's pajamas are drawn like this.

  • Unnecessary Combat Roll: In episode 3 of the first season, Ritsu does one of these for her dramatic entrance into Yui's room, only to get a Cranial Eruption from Mio for distracting Yui's studying

  • The Unreveal: In episode 3 of the second season, Sawako's attempts to look younger "goes too far", which results in her wearing a face mask and sunglasses to school. She shows her face to Yui and Ritsu, but viewer only sees the back of her head.

  • Vacation Episode: The Movie involves Hokago Tea Time taking a trip to London.

  • Weight Woe: Mio and Mugi always have issues about their weight gain at the end of the year. Ritsu shows shades of this in the first training camp episode. K-On! College hints that literally all the extra weight Mio puts on goes to her breasts. Even so, she still wants to lose weight. One of the other members of the College Light Music Club also complains that she's gained weight lately, though that's due to suddenly growing taller fast. She thinks that if she burns some calories, she will get shorter, only for Mio to inform her that that's not how it works.

  • What Were They Selling Again?: Mentioned; when the band wants to make a recruitment video for the Light Music Club, Mio is concerned that the video will have nothing to do with the club if they go with the "narrated by Ton-chan" angle.

  • Whip Pan: This funny scene.

  • Wingding Eyes: Many of the light music club members have done this, often with golden stars in their eyes.

  • With Friends Like These.../Vitriolic Best Buds - One wonders why Mio still considers Ritsu her friend, with the teasing, humiliations and blackmailing and all... She gets back at Ritsu through violence. See Cranial Eruption above.

  • During her brief stint as a waitress, Mio tries pretending all the customers are her friends to overcome her shyness. Problem is, even the imaginary Yui and Ritsu irritate her.

  • World of Technicolor Hair: The main cast and most of their classmates have normal shades of black, brown or blonde hair. However, among the many unnamed first and second year students, green and blue hair colors show up more often. Nodoka's hair is also a dark bordeaux hue.

  • Xtreme Kool Letterz: Love Crysis. A (possible misspelled) poster in The Movie even spells is "Love Crycis".

  • Yonkoma

  • Your Door Was Open: Played for laughs. Occasionally, Sawako-sensei suddenly drops in unnoticed when it should be logically impossible for someone not to realize she came in, usually when she was neither invited or informed of the get-together beforehand. Ritsu is usually the one to make a note of this, saying "Wait, when did you get here?" or "You were sitting here the entire time?!"



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