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Buy High School Diploma Miami

Whether you are home schooled, dropped out of traditional high school or never attended high school, American Academy of Pinecrest can help you graduate with a diploma from home. Earning your high school diploma with American Academy of Pinecrest is CONVENIENT, ACCREDITED, and AFFORDABLE.

buy high school diploma miami

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The diploma will be mailed to the address you select when you submit your application for graduation on CaneLink. If there are any changes after the application is submitted, you must notify the Office of the Registrar in person or in writing of the new address for your diploma. You can update your address on CaneLink, and then send an email to and request your diploma to be mailed to your new address.

U.S. Attorney Markenzy Lapointe speaks at a news conference in Miami on Wednesday about a network of nursing school operators, centered in South Florida, who allowed students to buy diplomas without the proper training. D.A. Varela/Miami Herald via AP hide caption

Recently unsealed federal grand jury indictments allege the defendants took part in a scam that sold more than 7,600 fraudulent nursing degree diplomas from three Florida-based nursing schools, federal officials said during a news conference in Miami on Wednesday afternoon. Prosecutors said the scheme also involved transcripts from the nursing schools for people seeking licenses and jobs as registered nurses and licensed practical/vocational nurses. The defendants each face up to 20 years in prison.

According to three recently unsealed indictments returned by a South Florida federal grand jury and two informations filed by federal prosecutors, defendants engaged in a scheme to sell fraudulent nursing degree diplomas and transcripts obtained from accredited Florida-based nursing schools to individuals seeking licenses and jobs as registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical/vocational nurses (LPN/VNs).

The bogus diplomas and transcripts qualified purchasers to sit for the national nursing board exam and, after passing it, to obtain licenses and jobs in various states as RNs and LPN/VNs. The overall scheme involved the distribution of more than 7,600 fake nursing diplomas issued by three South Florida-based nursing schools: Siena College in Broward County, Fla., Palm Beach School of Nursing in Palm Beach County, Fla., and Sacred Heart International Institute in Broward County. These schools are now closed.

The State Board is responsible for setting statewide minimum requirements for graduation from high school, which can be found in Arizona Administrative Code R7-2-302. Districts and charter schools may, at their discretion, establish graduation credit requirements for their students in addition to the statewide requirements. The statewide minimum course of study requires students to take a minimum of 22 credits:

American High School Academy is an institutional member of "NDPN" National Dropout Prevention Network at Clemson University, who serve as a research center and resource network for practitioners, researchers, and policymakers to reshape school and community environments to meet the needs of youth in at-risk situations, so these students receive the quality education and services necessary to succeed academically, and graduate from high school.

UM encourages students to submit all application materials online through the Common Application, including required school documents. However, official transcripts/supporting documents may also be submitted electronically to or mailed to:

It could be attending a virtual high school visit or a LIVE admission information session. It also could be anything that constitutes a meaningful level of engagement with University ambassadors, such as admission counselors or current students employed by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. The Admission Committee does not favor one method of engagement over another. Providing information to prospective students and their families about the University of Miami campus community is important to us. Please let us know how we can help you learn more about UM and our unique value proposition. If you are unable to engage with us on campus, at your high school, or at a local college fair, we encourage you to take our virtual campus tour.

The University of Miami does not require a set plan of secondary school coursework in order to be admitted as an undergraduate applicant; however, the Office of Undergraduate Admission recommends that applicants complete 20 units of secondary school coursework in the following five academic areas: English, mathematics, science, social science, and foreign language. Competitive applicants for admission meet the recommended units of secondary school coursework and typically have taken four units in a combination of all five academic areas at the highest levels available in their school settings.

We recognize that high school GPAs are calculated in many different ways, which is why we will convert every applicants' GPA to an unweighted 4.0 scale. We separately evaluate the rigor of each applicant's chosen curriculum within the context of their high school environment.

A student's curriculum plays a large role in the application review process. The Admission Committee will consider the rigor of your curriculum within the context of your high school environment. We like to see students challenging themselves with AP, honors, AICE, Dual Enrollment and/or IB courses (if they are available) as such courses will make your application more competitive.

If there are any changes after the application is submitted, you must notify the Law Registrar in person or in writing of the new address for your diploma. You can update your address on CaneLink, and then send an email to and request your diploma to be mailed to your new address.

FIU offers several dual enrollment programs for students to take college courses while still earning their high school diploma. Classes are available on the FIU campuses, in participating high schools and online. Specialized programs for high-achieving 11th and 12th graders are available as well.

Exceptional high school juniors may request early admission to FIU. Students who qualify for early admission do not complete their senior year of high school or earn their high school diploma; instead, they begin their first year of college at FIU.

A state-approved training program is not required prior to examination. A high school diploma or its equivalent, or be 18 years of age, is required if the applicant is challenging the exam without completion of an approved training program.

Officials said the forged diplomas and transcripts were sold from what had been accredited schools to aspiring nurses, in order to help candidates bypass the qualifying requirements necessary to sit for the national nursing board exam. Although they still had to take the exam, the bogus credentials allowed them to skip vital steps of the competency and licensure process, officials said -- and once licensed, those individuals were able to find a job in the health care field.

The defendants include \"owners, operators and employees\" of the schools who \"prepared and sold fake nursing school diplomas and transcripts to nursing candidates, knowing that the candidates would use those false documents to one, sit for nursing board examinations, secure nursing licenses, and three ultimately obtain nursing jobs in medical facilities -- not only in Florida, but elsewhere across the country,\" Lapointe said. All three schools have since closed, according to officials. Additional defendants charged include \"recruiters\" to bring in would-be buyers.

For those involved -- \"the owners of the nursing schools, certainly the recruiters and, without doubt, the recipients of the transcripts and the nursing diplomas\" -- Aybar said, \"It was definitely all motivated by greed.\"

In the indictments, federal law enforcement officials alleged that the defendants -- some in leadership roles at nursing schools -- \"solicited and recruited individuals who sought nursing credentials to gain employment as Registered Nurses (RN) or Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses (LPN/VN),\" then arranged with co-conspirators \"to create and distribute false and fraudulent diplomas and transcripts\" to falsely represent that the aspiring nurses had attended the program and had completed the necessary courses to receive a diploma, when \"in fact, the aspiring nurses had never actually completed the necessary courses and clinicals.\" 041b061a72


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