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[S10E3] Which America

As Hayley buys weed, she is forced to admit she doesn't have any money due to no job so she takes off with it, evading the dealer by jumping into a river. Getting back home, she tells Roger about her escapades and realizes that the drug dealer called her a loser for not being employed, so she takes an office job for minimum wage. On her first day, she meets Ax Jenkins who introduces her to the other employees. She tells Roger about the new guy and wonders if she should consider having an affair with him, which she is encouraged to do so by Roger. The boss announces that their business has dropped and takes the employees on an all-expenses paid company retreat to Belize to spark them. She still has doubts but decides she wants to sleep with Ax on the trip. As they flirt through the airport, Ax is cut off from sitting beside Hayley by Mary who tells Hayley that he is already married.

[S10E3] Which America

Arriving in Belize, Hayley confronts him about his deception. Klaus calls her for Roger to find out how she is doing on her trip and pushes her to ignore his marriage and have sex with him. During a meeting session at the retreat, Hayley suggests employees being honest is important but Ax privately tells her his marriage is on the rocks for reasons he won't mention. Roger arrives in a persona of a life coach and tries to push Hayley and Ax together in a series of trust exercises. They seem to work as they head back to their adjoining rooms together, but after they separate, Hayley discovers Klaus and Roger in her room. Klaus thinks Hayley is doing the right thing by not having an affair but Roger keeps pushing her to cheat on Jeff. Klaus tells of being cheated on in his past and urges her not to have an affair. About to follow Roger's advice, she goes to Ax and embraces him, but when she gets him stripped, she discovers that he has a tattoo of his wife Roslyn, which is one of Roger's personas.

Later, Klaus call his former girlfriend up and gets her answering machine which also contains a greeting from her and her multiple lovers and sons. He tells "Hans Jr." that his mother is a slut. 041b061a72


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