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Datawind Launches 4 Tablets In Ubislate Range __EXCLUSIVE__

Datawind's product range includes PocketSurfer Smartphones and UbiSlate tablets. The company has a portfolio of 14 international patents for its web-delivery platform, which serves as the basis for its products. The company manufactures, markets, and sells UbiSlate tablets to various countries, and also provides a year of free internet browsing in some countries.[15] In collaboration with the government of India, the company has also developed the Aakash tablet, which has gained worldwide attention for being the cheapest tablet.[16]

Datawind Launches 4 Tablets In Ubislate Range

On December 3, 2013, Datawind partnered with IT firm Happiest Minds Technologies to develop applications for its UbiSlate range of tablets. Under the partnership, Happiest Minds will develop Datawind's app store, which will be designed for first-time Android users.[44]

The UbiSlate tablets have overtaken sales of the iPad in India, according to Datawind. It has partnered with the Indian government on offering low-cost tablets to the rural population in that country as part of an education-boosting effort. Now that famous low-cost UbiSlate 7Ci tablet, a 7-inch touchscreen device running Android 4.0, are now available to buy online from It will also be joined by two other new devices , the UbiSlate 7C+ and UbiSlate 3G7 offering more powerful specs and even cellular calling capability.

Our very recent launches in the tablet segment had been 4G tablet priced at INR 5, 999. Prior to which, to make up to the recent trends 2G/3G tablets with detachable keyboard making it convenient for the users whether to use it as a tablet or a laptop. 350c69d7ab


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