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Charles 4.0.2

Upgrading Charles to version 4.2.7 solved the problem for me (version 4.0.2 had the problem). I think the fix is included in 4.2.5 improvements: SSL Proxying support extended to Port Forwarding and non-HTTP SOCKS traffic.

Charles 4.0.2

The spectroscopic experiments carried out by Fadley and Mannella were performed using the multi-technique spectrometer/ diffractometer at ALS Beamline 4.0.2, which generates circularly polarized soft x-ray beams. A beam of light is circularly polarized when its electric-field component rotates around the direction in which the beam is traveling. The absorption of circularly polarized light by a magnetic material reveals much about the magnetic moments of its constituent atoms. Powered by one of the ALS's undulator magnets, beamline 4.0.2 is ideal for studying manganites and other materials of spintronic interest.

  • It declares a search loop made of three components: Propagate: it aims at propagating information throughout the constraint network when a decision is made,

  • Learn: it aims at ensuring that the search mechanism will avoid (as much as possible) to get back to states that have been explored and proved to be solution-less,

  • Move: aims at, unlike other ones, not pruning the search space but rather exploring it.

Created by cprudhom on 01/09/15. Project: choco.Since:01/09/15.Author:Charles Prud'hommeSee Also:Serialized FormNested Class SummaryNested Classes Modifier and TypeClass and Descriptionprotected static class Solver.ActionDefine the possible actions of SearchLoopNested classes/interfaces inherited from interface org.chocosolver.solver.trace.IOutputFactoryIOutputFactory.DefaultDecisionMessage, IOutputFactory.DefaultSolutionMessageField SummaryFields inherited from interface inherited from interface org.chocosolver.solver.trace.IOutputFactoryANSI_BLUE, ANSI_GRAY, ANSI_GREEN, ANSI_PURPLE, ANSI_RESETConstructor SummaryConstructors ModifierConstructor and Descriptionprotected Solver(Model aModel)Create a resolver based for the model aModel.Method SummaryAll Methods Instance Methods Concrete Methods Deprecated Methods Modifier and TypeMethod and DescriptionSolver_me() voidaddStopCriterion(Criterion... criterion)Adds a stop criterion, which, when met, stops the search loop.longgetBackTrackCount() NumbergetBestSolutionValue() IBoundsManagergetBoundsManager() longgetCurrentDepth() longgetDecisionCount() DecisionPathgetDecisionPath() IPropagationEnginegetEngine() IEnvironmentgetEnvironment() PrintStreamgetErr() IExplanationEnginegetExplainer()Return the explanation engine plugged into this.longgetFailCount() intgetJumpTo() LearngetLearner() longgetMaxDepth() MeasuresRecordergetMeasures()Returns a reference to the measures recorder.ModelgetModel() StringgetModelName() MovegetMove() longgetNodeCount() IObjectiveManagergetObjectiveManager() PrintStreamgetOut() PropagategetPropagate() floatgetReadingTimeCount() longgetReadingTimeCountInNanoSeconds() longgetRestartCount() AbstractStrategygetSearch() SearchMonitorListgetSearchMonitors() SearchStategetSearchState() intgetSearchWorldIndex() longgetSolutionCount() SearchStategetState()Deprecated. since 4.0.2. Can be removed anytime after this version.floatgetTimeCount() longgetTimeCountInNanoSeconds() longgetTimestamp() voidhardReset() Resetting a solver to its creation state.booleanhasEndedUnexpectedly() booleanhasObjective() booleanisDefaultSearchUsed()Indicates if the default search strategy is usedESatisFeasible()Returns information on the feasibility of the current problem defined by the solver.booleanisObjectiveOptimal() ESatisSatisfied()Return the current state of the CSP.booleanisSearchCompleted()Indicates if the search strategy is completed with one over all variablesbooleanisStopCriterionMet() voidmakeCompleteStrategy(boolean isComplete)Completes (or not) the declared search strategy with one over all variablesvoidplugMonitor(ISearchMonitor sm)Put a search monitor to react on search events (solutions, decisions, fails, ...).voidpropagate()Propagates constraints and related events through the constraint network until a fix point is find, or a contradiction is detected.voidremoveAllStopCriteria()Empties the list of stop criteria declared.voidremoveStopCriterion(Criterion... criterion)Removes one or many stop criterion from the one to declare to the search loop.voidreset() Resetting a solver to the state just before running the last resolution instruction.voidrestart()Sets the following action in the search to be a restart instruction.voidrestoreRootNode()Retrieves the state of the root node (after the initial propagation) Has an immediate effectvoidsetEngine(IPropagationEngine propagationEngine)Attaches a propagation engine this.voidsetErr(PrintStream printStream)Set the current error stream (default is System.err)voidsetExplainer(IExplanationEngine explainer)Overrides the explanation engine.voidsetJumpTo(int jto)Sets how many worlds to rollback when backtrackingvoidsetLearner(Learn l)Replaces the current learn with lvoidsetMove(Move... m)Replaces the current move with mvoidsetObjectiveManager(IObjectiveManager om)Declares an objective manager to use.voidsetOut(PrintStream printStream)Set the current output stream (default is System.out)voidsetPropagate(Propagate p)Overrides the Propagate objectvoidsetSearch(AbstractStrategy... strategies)Override the default search strategies to use in this.booleansolve()Executes the resolver as it is configured.voidunplugAllSearchMonitors()Empties the list of search monitors.voidunplugMonitor(ISearchMonitor sm)Removes a search monitors from the ones to plug when the search will start.Methods inherited from class java.lang.Objectclone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, waitMethods inherited from interface, setDBTLearning, setNoLearningMethods inherited from interface, setDFS, setGeometricalRestart, setHBFS, setLDS, setLNS, setLNS, setLubyRestart, setLubyRestart, setRestartOnSolutions, setRestarts, setRestartsMethods inherited from interface, limitFail, limitNode, limitSearch, limitSolution, limitTime, limitTime, setNoGoodRecordingFromRestarts, setNoGoodRecordingFromSolutionsMethods inherited from interface, findAllOptimalSolutions, findAllSolutions, findLexOptimalSolution, findOptimalSolution, findParetoFront, findSolution, streamOptimalSolutions, streamSolutionsMethods inherited from interface, toCSV, toDimacsString, toMultiLineString, toOneLineStringMethods inherited from interface org.chocosolver.solver.trace.IOutputFactoryprintCSVStatistics, printFeatures, printShortStatistics, printStatistics, printVersion, showContradiction, showDecisions, showDecisions, showShortStatistics, showSolutions, showSolutions, showStatistics, showStatisticsDuringResolutionConstructor DetailSolverprotected Solver(Model aModel)Create a resolver based for the model aModel.Parameters:aModel - the target modelMethod Detailsolvepublic boolean solve()Executes the resolver as it is configured. Default configuration: - SATISFACTION : Computes a feasible solution. Use while(solve()) to enumerate all solutions. - OPTIMISATION : Computes a feasible solution, wrt to the objective defined. Use while(solve()) to find the optimal solution. Indeed, each new solution improves the objective. If no new solution is found (and no stop criterion encountered), the last one is guaranteed to be the optimal one.Returns:if at least one new solution has been found.resetpublic void reset() Resetting a solver to the state just before running the last resolution instruction. That is, Propagate, Learn, Move and Search are kept as declared. ISearchMonitor are also kept plugged to the search loop.

Methods: Sera from 519 prospectively recruited healthy blood donors and 39 previously confirmed cases of CPA were analysed for Aspergillus IgG levels using the Bordier test kit (Bordier Affinity Products SA, Crissier, Switzerland). Accuracy versus cutoff profile and receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve were analysed for both CPA cases and controls using the R-Studio (2020), (Window desktop, version 4.0.2 software with R packages "nnet" and "ROCR").

Divalent Eu is a common luminescence activator in inorganic scintillators due to its allowed 5d-4f transitions. Since Eu can exist in both divalent and trivalent states, but only luminescence from divalent Eu is suitable for scintillation applications, it is important to determine the potential presence of trivalent Eu in the crystal. We report measurements of Eu(II) and Eu(III) in the new CsSrI3:Eu scintillator using X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Single crystals of CsSr0.93Eu0.07I3 were grown from the melt via the Bridgman method using EuI2 powder as a source of divalent Eu activators. The X-ray absorption spectra on the Eu M4 and M5 edges were obtained at beamline 4.0.2 at the Advanced Light Source synchrotron. The results were compared to model samples of trivalent and divalent europium, which provided clear signatures of the two oxidation states. The measured electronic structure of Eu confirms predominant Eu(II) in both the EuI2 starting material and the CsSr0.93Eu0.07I3 scintillator crystals. However, a small presence of Eu(III) points to the partial oxidation of europium, especially at the sample surface. 041b061a72


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