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Anyone who is less than 5 feet 4 inches tall is considered petite. However, petite clothing is about more than just your height. For instance, sleeve lengths can range from half an inch to about two and a half inches shorter than average or tall-sized clothing. Your inseam may also be about 3 to 6 inches less than those of an average-height person. While many clothing options don't cater to your needs, we do.


Gone are the days when you look at a pair of pants and find the bottoms dragging on the ground when you walk. Our selection of petite pants features shorter inseams, cropped lengths, and raised waistlines. All of your favorite denim cuts and smart dress pants should sit exactly where you need them for flawless style.Find ankle-grazing skinny jeans, cropped pants, and even jeggings that you will be excited to add to your wardrobe rotation.

If you want something that holds you in, our So Slimming petite jeans are made from our signature power-stretch fabric and have hidden tummy support. Those who like to travel in style will be interested in our Travelers pants that feature wrinkle-resistant fabrics that make looking good on the go a breeze.

Pair our meticulously tailored pants with women's petite tops like a classic white blouse for a smart workplace look or embellished styles that add a touch of feminine elegance to any outfit. For an effortless outfit you can throw on and go, browse our women's petite dresses and skirts that include maxi dresses in luxurious fabrics that move with you.

Petite clothing sizes use a similar numerical system as the average or tall women's clothing size system. They're usually marked with a "P" next to the size number to differentiate them from average or tall sizes. Our petite clothing styles typically go up to 18P (XL). To find your perfect fit in Chico's sizes, see our

If you're a petite woman, 5 feet, 4 inches or shorter, it's important to wear the right-sized and styled clothes to fit your shorter stature. Lands' End is the place to go to find petite clothing, including petite outerwear, undergarments, tops, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, and seasonal wear that will fit you just right. Our line of clothing for petite ladies comes in a variety of sizes, with a vast array of colors, designs, and styles so you can build your perfect wardrobe to wear every day all year-round.

Petite women's clothing can be dressed up with fashion scarves and high heels for a night out on the town. For a more casual look, wear petite jeans with ankle boots, shorts with sandals, and cropped pants with comfortable sneakers.

For cooler, wetter months of the year, try an insulated rain jacket with snow boots. For the pool or sunny vacations, consider a petite-sized swim dress with a beach cover-up. For year-round wear, try a well-tailored button-up shirt with flat-front chino pants, or mix-and-match a variety of tops and bottoms for any occasion.

Use petite clothes to build your wardrobe for all seasons; dresses with cardigan sweaters for spring, shorts with tank tops for summer, corduroy pants with sweaters for fall, and fleece-lined leggings with squall parkas for winter. Use your imagination, creativity, and your unique sense of style to make your wardrobe reflect your personality and needs.

When you shop Lands' End today to find petite clothing for women, you'll be impressed by the range of clothing we have, from insulated raincoats to swimwear, jeans to T-shirts and everything in between, we have everything you need. If you have any questions about our petite women's clothing, feel free to give our professional customer service representatives a call or chat through our website. We always look forward to speaking with our customers and look forward to talking with you soon.

The Petite Studio design team created their sizes specifically for the petite frame. The Petite Studio size chart is unique and should provide you with the most fantastic small fit found anywhere. The average Petite Studio garment takes 20 hours to make, compared to 4 hours on a standard fast fashion production line.

Stature NYC is an ethical and indie fashion collective. Stature understands that one size does not fit all. They also understand that just because a petite is short-boned does not inevitably imply that an XS or S will fit.

They hand-pick clothing and accessories from independent designers. Each piece is scaled to fit smaller frames, which means that every element in their seasonal collections has shorter torsos and inseams, narrower shoulders, smaller armholes, and pants with the proper ankle-to-leg ratio.

Say goodbye to mass-produced apparel and hello to clothing designed by you and for you. Tailor Store ensures that you feel as good as you look while wearing custom-tailored apparel authentic to your fit and style.

Boden also aims to ensure that your clothing has a life outside your closet, that you can repair them, distribute them, put them through the wringer, feel terrific and then make someone else feel fantastic as well.

The firm believes that the items you love are the ones you maintain, care for, repair, and use for many years. You wear the most sustainable clothing frequently and for an extended period; thus, the business creates items that encourage you to do just that.

When you're petite, it can be hard to find clothing that doesn't fold with awkward hems or fit the right length. Our collection of women's petite size clothing is made to flatter small frames for effortless style and comfort. With our selection of petite jeans, there's no sagging and stretching, so you can find the pair you were born to be wearing. When it comes to outerwear, we have the perfect lengths so you can layer up in comfort. Our collection of clothing for women with small frames comes in a variety of patterns, colors and styles. We also offer a large selection of t-shirts, blouses, knit tops and tunics in petite sizes. Find wardrobe essentials that fit your frame and your personal style. Our petite collection is tailored with shorter inseams and sleeve lengths. Whether you're looking for everyday essentials or an outfit for your next event, our clothing collection has style favorites for every season and occasion. From weekday meetings to weekend adventures, we've got you covered. If you're having trouble finding the right size for you, head over to our sizing guide to find your natural fit.

Newly added to the petite friendly European brands is a new brand I discovered called Petite and so What. My friend, Julie, launched the brand a little over a year ago. Petite and so what clothing is designed by a petite for petites. I ordered 2 pieces from the website (so far) and they both fit perfectly! I'm so happy to have a shop in Europe that carries petite sizes! I highly recommend shopping at petite and so what for the perfect Parisian petite clothing.

Cazza Petite and Zacks Fashions cater to petite and regular well-dressed women. Today there are 30 highly successful Cazza Petite stores in Quebec, Ontario and Nova Scotia, and 20 Zacks Fashions stores across Ontario and Quebec.

Petite fashion as a concept was invented in the 1940s, when influential fashion designer Hannah Troy noticed a large number of women having a hard time finding great-fitting clothing. She studied the measurements of military women volunteers during World War II and found that the typical woman was short-waisted. Thus, the petite size was created.

Today, many years later, not all manufacturers offer petite clothing. However, an increasing number of them have created collections in the past few years. Many large retailers are currently working to expand their selection of petite clothing to meet the demand, while petite-specific brands are popping up all over the world as we speak.

An ABC News article states that as of 2001, 48.7 million petite women accounted for $9.5 billion of retail spending. This translates to 11% of the $89 billion all women spent on clothes that year. The petite market became the fastest growing retail sector in 2001. Although recent stats are hard to find, we can only imagine that this number has grown exponentially.

Dear Petite is an online multi-brand boutique that offers wardrobe essentials & reinvented classics that would last season after season. We are a petite friendly clothing store; all of our pant selection is made for 5'3" and under. We bring you unique experience by introducing Korean designers and made in Korea products that are designed for American Market. Hope you love them as much as we do.

The store chain is an excellent choice for the professional wardrobe. With suits and separates to dresses and accessories in coordinating colors of the season, quality mix and match outfits are easy to create in one stop. Petite clothing is in a defined section of stores in five of six Twin Cities locations with additional sizes and selection online.

For petite women in need of a smart casual wardrobe, LOFT is Ann Taylor's casual sister store full of season appropriate options at reasonable prices. Items can be dressed up or down with what you already own or easily become your favorite "it" piece. Petite clothing is in a defined section of stores in all seven Twin Cities locations with exclusive items available online only.

At first blush, petite women will appreciate the vast selection in this department store with a wide range of prices and brands from the house brand Relativity to Jones New York. I recommend shopping with caution as items can date or age women. That said, I can attest to some great finds at fantastic prices. Petites are available at all four Twin Cities locations.

All six apparel locations have a petite section for women with Southdale having it's own dedicated space within the mall. The reasonably sized inventory includes everything from suits and separates to casual weekend wear in a wide range of prices. For some items like dresses and coats petite items are mixed in with regular sizes.

For a solid range of style and "better" designer brands, Nordstrom at the Mall of America is the best department store for petites. The area dedicated to petites includes affordable house brand Halogen as well as designer staple Michael Kors and trendy Nic + Zoe. The dress and suit selection continues to grow next to a sizable selection of separates. 041b061a72


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