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Jameson Moore

Lost Car Rescue Season 1 Complete Pack [UPDATED]

For more than 100 years, New York State Forest Rangers have extinguished wildfires, found and rescued the lost and injured, and enforced state land use and wildfire prevention laws. Over three million acres of lands and easements managed by DEC are in the Adirondack Park, but every region has substantial state land resources that support public recreational use, habitat protection, and open space.

Lost Car Rescue Season 1 Complete Pack

Forest Rangers organize and conduct wildland search and rescue operations. These missions consist of searching for lost persons, downed civilian aircraft, and rescue operations for persons injured or in serious danger of injury in wild and remote areas. Search and rescue operations often lead Rangers into remote wilderness areas, from the rugged mountainous peaks of the Adirondacks to low lying river valleys. Their knowledge of advanced first aid, land navigation, and rope rescue techniques are often critical to the success of a mission. 041b061a72


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