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?Ive Seen What Words Can Do

Words can isolate you if you use them wrong. Ironically enough, this summer my pastor has been talking about the book of James and what he has to say about our words. The Dear Hunter is by no means a Christian band, but what they have to say rings true.

“I’ve Seen What Words Can Do”

Is this an April Fools joke? She seems very shy. How is she going to host a live comedy show? Also, what sort of skits can they write for her where her girth isn't going to be a distraction? SNL just keeps going downhill..."

Obviously you have never seen her in an interview and are confusing her character in the movie Precious as who she really is. She as very smart, outgoing and a very funny woman. And how many damn fat men have been on SNL? Were you destracted by their girth!!!?? Seems to me like everyone thought Chris Farly was a genius. And look how he ended up!

All I see is a wonderful actress & beautiful talented young woman. I think she has a great sense of humor from some of the interviews I've seen with her and I think she will be able to handle anything the SNL writers come up with. Go Gabourey! Can't wait to see you on SNL.

I think before you comment on someone, you should actually know something about them. Gabby most certainly is NOT shy or quiet! I've seen her on 3 interviews, and she is bright, spontaneous and funny! And as far as her weight or size - grow up, people.

SHY? Have you seen any of her interviews or has her weight kept you from listening to them. She is so far from shy and has a great sense of humor. She is young and full of life. She can be really funny. I think if Betty with her age on her can host SNL, Gaby's weight should not keep her from hosting. GO GABY!!

It's a safe assumption that nobody posting here is being promoted as a aspiring actress and celebrity host of SNL. Sidibe is, for want of a better word, a public figure who has come from out of nowhere to gain national fame without having paid any dues in her profession. Thousands of actors have worked for years without recognition or money, yet she was able to become famous overnight just because of the way she looked. Does anyone here actually believe that she would have been given this role if she didn't look the way she does? Does anyone truly think that her acting skills are what caught Oprah Winfrey's eye in that casting session? Give me a break!

I would absolutely love to see pictures of those of you who feel self righteous enough to comment on this young lady's physical appeareance. I just know if we could see what some of you look like, it would really put your ignorant comments in their proper perspective.

The word STEREOTYPES is floating around in here somewhere and that's what drove me to comment. I just wish people would stop assuming things based on someone's appearance. In the meantime, I think it will be interesting to see how she does on SNL and I will be watching.

Here's the thing, folks...I think it would be very wise to take these keen judging abilities that many of you seem to be displaying, and turn them inward and take a look at yourselves. I am DISGUSTED at some of the things that I am reading. Her life is for her to live, not any of you. Her appearance and how she feels about herself is for her to decide, NOT YOU. No one here is an example of physical and emotional perfection, so let's just remember that. The amount of vile content that so many of you spewed forth with such great ease is an embarassment and it shames me to be considering a human being along side the likes of such gross humor/hate. Truly, truly shameful. Gabourey is incredibly witty and smart and anyone who has ever seen her be interviewed knows that she has a natural comic timing that will lend itself to her succeeding in spades on SNL. You go, Gabby! "Precious" was an amazing story and you gave an amazing performance and I cannot wait to see what you do next.

why are we praising someone whose healthstatus is so dismal? her life-expectancy is about 1/3 what it would be if she werent so obese. why are we letting this become the norm and praise her for being so brave when we should be praising her for trying to get healthy and loose some weight?

I've never seen a bunch of people who actually make the time to sit in front of the computer to write such crule remarks. How low can you really get? How do you look in the mirror and think you're a good person? Just give her props for getting somewhere as its never easy to get into Hollywood. Perhaps this is the door she needed opened for her to make the right changes in her life........

It isn't mean-spirited to say she's a very big girl... it's the truth. It's also true to say that I could stand to lose a few pounds, but by any measure I'm far less large than she is. I'm not an award-nominated film actor/actress nor am I hosting Satruday Night Live, but that has nothing whatsoever to do with either her size or mine.

Look folks...talent aside, this young lady is not just a little overweight...she is MORBIDLY OBESE! For me, it is difficult to look at her and not see the major health issues she has or will have, not to mention society's judgement of her. I am anxious to see what kind of career (film or otherwise) she will have in the future and what kind of major health issues she will experience. It is a shame, now that she has the money, not to look into getting healthy. I am getting tired of society saying we have to be very thin or extremely fat people saying it is okay to be extremely overweight.

I know what I have to do to be a healthy human being.No matter what my size is or will be in the future I can now take pride in knowing that I will be a happier person than some punk who hides behind a computer screen puking vile comments to make himself feel better.

What hatred is displayed here! It's a shame that in the quest to voice displeasure and come off as a supremely well-built wits you've all simply managed to show yourselves as the inverse. If she offends you simply by existing as she is, then the problem you have is not with her, but within yourself. Say what you will, but it will not convince Lorne Michaels to reconsider, and it certainly won't make you look like the pinnacle of human perfection for pointing it out.

she's fat, not stupid. stupid would describe some of the mean spirited comments made on here on this subject. why is it more objectionable for someone to be fat than stupid in this country? maybe that explains this country's deterioration and it's constant emphasis on how well the box is wrapped rather what is actually inside the box.

When people comment about weight, it is not being mean, it is a FACTI am sick of fat people wearing their fat like it is a badge of honor and we are suppose to ignore the fact that it is very unpleasant to see them parading around in tight tight clothes, hip huger jeans with atanker and whatever they are shoveling into their mouth. Do we make excuses for drunks NO, we say get them into treatment, yet we continue to make excuses for fat people and i dont just mean fat people but grossly obese people, they must have a thyroid problem or wwhatever. NO, what they have is an eating disorder that is killingthem. Society needs to quit allowing OBESE people to make usfeel guilty for their not doing something about THEIR problembecause it is becoming our problem with rising health costs And asstated i am sick of seeing them half dressed with their mounds offat hanging out for all to see, disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sidibe's performance was terrible. She had one expression on her face throughout the entire film, and don't tell me that's what was in the script. She got this part because Oprah saw herself in Sidibe and there was an emotional connection. Period. The minute I saw this person I knew I was looking at a classic example of "stunt" casting.

Let see, one day she was a student, the next day she read for HER FIRST PART EVER, and the next day she is a star? I think many more people have paid their dues and put in the time. Her comment to the audience at one interview was "stand when you clap for me" ! Being funny or not, it turned me off. You earn respect, not fall into it. As for her weight, there may be a place in Hollywood for her, but that is not my issue with her. And I have no problem with her race.........I'm white but what does it matter? She acts like she has been here all along, and I don't think she deserves all the attention she is getting. A rising start, yes I will give her that. She got a great beak, one that everyone hopes for. Now lets see her take advantage of it! Talk to me in af ew years and she what she has done.

Are you serious? If Karma has my name on it, it will be that this girl reads this and has a dream tonight that says, "Get a grip, find out what is wrong, be proactive, seize the opportunity at hand and let it all out". By all out, I do not mean the fat rolls fighting with the buttons on her cloths.

If anyone should have won "Best Picture", it should be the director for figuring out how to get her and the set in the camera at one time. Who was the cameraman at the Oscars that had to zoom out, and then kept zooming out just so she could be seen on TV? Go talk to him about this whale. I do not make this stuff up, it is what happens. If you want to talk about Karma and be in denial then that is your choice. If you want to talk, lets talk about the plaque that is building up in her veins? Lets talk about the stress being put on her heart? What about her cankles? How many shoes does she go through a week? Will SNL have to send over a tow truck to get her to the set? There are a lot of questions if you want to talk about things.

I think it's hysterical how so many people are confusing realism with bigotry. Instead of being so offended, take a look at the womens magazines and entertainment magazines on any newsstand. THAT is what sells.

I think it is sad she is getting all this hype and support... Hollywood is all about appearance and beauty, like Howard Stern said apart from some actresses such as Queen Latifa there are 0 obese actresses in hollywood. Gabourney's fame will die off within a year, there is no way she is going to get a major film role based off her talent, the film Precious required a massively overweight black girl, which is what she is. She is not healthy, she is killing herself. To be that young and weight 300lbs is a death sentence. As for SNL? I thought hosting that gig was a privilege for accomplished actors, not one-time academy nominee's with ONE film to her name. Again, everyone is showing her all this support and love, to their own financial advantage. Her role on SNL, the new tv show, etc, no one cares about her talent, they are riding Precious' hype and all the media attention she is getting.


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