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Jameson Moore
Jameson Moore

Full __HOT__ Nero 11 HD Platinum (Pre Activated )

Mega Man is again able to use Sliding and Charge Shot. The Charge Shot now possesses the "Guard Break" ability where a fully charged shot can temporarily stun shielded enemies (such as Met, Sniper Joe or Shield Attacker), rendering them vulnerable to a quick rapid-fire attack before they regain their balance. The player can also call upon Rush to reach higher platforms, using familiar abilities such as the Rush Coil and Rush Jet (though Mega Man must defeat half of the Robot Masters to gain the ability to use Rush Jet).[2] A new feature is that the energy meter for Rush is now present as a standard feature, negating the need to switch over to it first, [3] but the weapon energy is now connected to both of Rush's forms. It can also be activated or deactivated at will by pressing a button based on the controller (ex. For the default buttons for the PS4 version, for Rush Coil, or for Rush Jet), which can also switch Mega Man back to normal if he is equipped with a special weapon.

FULL Nero 11 HD Platinum (Pre Activated )

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