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Lyrics Yulunga Spirit Dance €? Dead Can Dance

Get lyrics of Spirit dance song you love. List contains Spirit dance song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

Lyrics Yulunga Spirit Dance – Dead Can Dance

1. "Yulunga (Spirit Dance)" (6:56) starts very powerfully with some extraordinary overtone vocals, but then comes down to Earth with the second half and the hand percussion. (13.25/15)2. "The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove" (6:16) despite Brendan's attempt at passionate vocals, it's not believable and the song is nothing very exciting or dynamic. (8.25/10)3. "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" (2:50) Lisa sings Celtic a cappella. (4.25/5)4. "The Carnival Is Over" (5:28) Brendan's best song ever! So nostalgic and almost eerily sad! (10/10)5. "Ariadne" (1:54) Silk Road campfire music. (4.75/5)6. "Saldek" (1:07) music for Silk Road ablutions--or scarf dance. (4.75/5)7. "Towards The Within" (7:06) one of the rare songs on which both Lisa and Brendan sing--together, bobbing and weaving with each other--on multiple tracks! When Lisa takes over solo voce in the middle it sounds a bit like OFRA HAZA. (13/15)8. "Bird" (5:00) * (8.75/10)9. "Tell Me About The Forest (You Once Called Home)" (5:42) interesting instrumental choices to weave with Brendan's vocal. Not sure they belong together (or if it works). For once the DCD computerized synth sounds sound old and dated. (8.5/10)10. "The Spider's Stratagem" (6:42) definitely a song projected straight out of Asia Minor or the Arabian world. Lisa is so talented! (8.75/10)11. "Spirit" (4:59) * musically very similar to Massive Attack's "Teardrop" as well as some fairly recent Cure and U2 work. (9.5/10)12. "Emmeleia" (2:04) another duet--this one a cappella and sounding very Balkan monastic. Amazingly well executed and recorded! (4.75/5)13. "How Fortunate The Man With None" (9:15) the only epic-length song on the album opens with very pleasant sound palette and a very strong Brendan Perry vocal. Very cool! The "strings" build out in the fourth minute is perfect. Through two verses and I'm LOVING this! I love how the music keeps shifting beneath the very steady storytelling of Brendan's vocal. Wow! I am shocked at how much I like this one! Really captures some kind of ancient milieu. (20/20)* Absent from CD editions--they're both good songs that Total time 65:19A-/five stars; a minor masterpiece of progressive World Folk music that has some extreme highs and some relative low points. social review comments Review PermalinkPosted Wednesday, February 26, 2020 Review this album Report (Review #2338664)


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